Upper Learning Center


Students in 2nd through 12th grades at IWCA share the Upper Learning Center (classroom).

For specific information about IWCA’s High School program, please visit our High School page. **Please note that we do not currently accept new students above 9th grade. Students who wish to graduate from IWCA should plan to enroll with us by their 9th grade (Freshman) year.**

Mrs. Tomlin & Mr. Joshua are our Upper Learning Center Supervisors/Teachers.

All new IWCA students complete diagnostic placement testing as part of our admissions process, and an individualized learning plan is designed for each student based on his/her unique academic needs.

In addition to completing their daily individualized, mastery-based learning goals, our students also enjoy participating in a variety of
hands-on learning activities and small-group classes.  Our students stay busy and excited for learning by engaging in interesting science
experiments, history/social studies projects, class discussions, arts & crafts, chapel services, music classes, school programs and
performances, community service projects, Student Convention preparation activities, P.E., 4-H activities, and so much more!


Students who are in 3rd grade and above are eligible to participate in our IWCA Band program. We also welcome local homeschoolers to join our
band. See our Band page for full details.

IWCA students ages 9-12 participate in the Junior Student Convention program. Jr. Convention takes place each year in the Fall and gives our
9-12 year old students the opportunity to explore individual talents and interests while representing IWCA in a wide variety of academic,
athletic, art, music, and platform competitions with other Christian schools in our region.

IWCA students who are age 13 & up have the opportunity to practice leadership skills while serving as volunteer judges for the Jr.
Convention. IWCA teens also compete in their own academic, athletic, art, music, and platform, events at the exciting week-long Regional
Student Convention (RSC) held each year in March. IWCA teens who earn placement medals at RSC also have the opportunity to represent our
school and our region at the International Student Convention (ISC) held each year in May and attended by Christian school students from around the world.

See our Student Convention Program page for more information about these amazing opportunities!

Space in our Upper Learning Center is limited. To find out how you can reserve a spot for your child today, call us at 606-510-1968 or email