Student Conventions

IWCA students who are age 9 & up participate in the following Student Conventions:

Wilderness Road Junior Convention – ages 9-12 – This Jr. Convention is an annual one-day Christian competition event held in late  September/early October in London, KY. IWCA teenagers also attend Jr. Convention to serve as volunteers.

Cumberland Valley Regional Student Convention – ages 13 & up – This is an exciting week-long Christian competition event held each year in March in Bagdad, KY. Students participate in competitions each day and attend inspiring “rallies,” similar to revival or camp meeting services, each evening.

Christian schools from across Kentucky and several other states attend these Student Conventions each year. Students have the opportunity to explore new interests and develop God-given talents as they prepare for rigorous competition in well over 100 different academic, art, photography, athletic, music, and platform events. Medals are awarded for 1st through 6th place winners in each event, and overall awards are given to the top 3 schools in each category.

Teens who win 1st-6th place in any event at the Cumberland Valley RSC have the option of advancing to the International Student Convention (ISC) in May. ISC is held in a different location each year and is attended by Christian schools from across the globe.

Participation in Student Convention is expected of every student age 9 & up at IWCA. We believe participation in these special events builds skill, discipline, and Godly character while teaching valuable lessons in commitment, determination, leadership, teamwork, and so much more. IWCA students dedicate time to working on their Convention event entries throughout the school year.

There are costs involved in participating in the Student Convention Program, and IWCA conducts fundraisers and solicits donations throughout the school year to help with covering these costs for our school. Families with students of convention age should expect to participate in convention fundraising and to help cover convention some costs for their student(s).

For more information about IWCA’s participation in these Student Conventions or to secure a spot for your child at IWCA today, call us at 606-510-1968 or email


IWCA’s 2022 Wilderness Road Junior Convention Awards List:


Academic Category –

Bible Bowl Team – 2nd Place
Spelling – 2nd Place & 4th Place
Chess – 1st Place & 3rd Place






Art/Photography/Exhibits Category –

Color Animal Photography – 5th Place









Athletic Category –

Male 100 Yard Dash – 1st Place
Male 200 Yard Dash – 2nd Place
Physical Fitness – 2nd Place
Female Table Tennis – 3rd Place
Soccer Kick – 6th Place



Music Category –

Mixed Vocal Quartet – 2nd Place
Female Vocal Solo – 3rd Place
Overall Music Category School Award – 3rd Place