K4 – 1st Grade Program

Students in K4 through 1st Grade share the Lower Learning Center (classroom) at IWCA. 












 Mrs. Forbes is our Lower Learning Center Supervisor/Teacher.

Space in IWCA’s Lower Learning Center is limited, and spots fill very quickly.  Once our space is full, applicants may be placed on our waiting list to be notified in case of an opening. ALL students entering K4 through 1st grade MUST take screening/placement tests prior to beginning school at IWCA as part of our admissions process. This helps ensure that each student is placed at the appropriate level within our curriculum.

K4/5 “Reading Readiness” Students – Attend school Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00-11:15 a.m.

This program gives young students a gentle and delightful introduction to school while preparing them for learning to read! Through
character-building stories, crafts, fun music & movement activities, and age-appropriate daily PACE work, our K4/5 Reading Readiness students
will develop phonemic awareness and build foundational skills for future success in reading, handwriting, and math. Bible stories and songs,
Scripture memory work, and prayer are also integrated into every day at IWCA.


Reading Readiness Program Tuition: $85/month ($850 for the year)

Reading Readiness Program Curriculum Fee: $175

Advanced K5 & 1st Grade “ABCs” Students – Attend school full-time (Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m.-2:45 p.m. ABCs Students will
also be required to complete “Focus Friday” assignments at home each week.)

Our ABCs Students spend time reviewing basic skills along with the Reading Readiness group, but Advanced K5 and 1st grade students have
demonstrated a readiness for learning to read and/or are ready to build more independence and fluency in reading, writing, and math. Our ABCs
Students enjoy fun character-building animal stories and songs along with individualized, mastery-based PACE work designed to prepare them
for future school success. Bible stories and songs, Scripture memory work, and prayer are also integrated into every day at IWCA.

Advanced K5 & 1st Grade Tuition: $2,250 ($225/month)

Advanced K5 & 1st Grade Curriculum Fee: $275

• Following their admissions testing, 4 year old students are automatically placed in our half-day Reading Readiness Program. Students
should be 4 years old by February 1st, 2023, and able to take care of their own toileting needs independently before enrolling at IWCA. We do
not offer full-day classes for 4 year old students at IWCA.

• 5 year old students MUST score a minimum of 80 on the ABCs Program Pre-Test AND demonstrate physical maturity in order to enter the IWCA
full-day Advanced K5 program.

• 5 year old students who score below an 80 on the ABCs Pre-Test will be placed in our  half-day K4/5 Reading Readiness Program.

• New students entering IWCA as 1st graders will be given the ABCs Post Test along with other assessments in reading and math to determine
appropriate curriculum placement.

• Students who are at least 6 years old on August 1st, 2023, MUST attend school full-time per KY law.

For more information or to enroll a student, please call 606-510-1968 or email admin@iwcacademy.com