High School Program

The IWCA High School Program is designed to help prepare each student academically and spiritually to live a Christ honoring life throughout their teen years and beyond.  There are two diploma plan options:  College Preparatory, and General Diploma.

Students who complete the High School level courses required for graduation at IWCA will receive a regionally accredited transcript and IWCA High School Diploma.  IWCA has partnered with North Atlantic Regional High School (NARHS), an accredited Learning Service Provider that works with Partner Schools to verify that their courses meet high standards and qualify for high school credit.  NARHS is accredited as a Learning Service Provider through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA-CESS.org), and is able to work with educational programs that provide credit-earning opportunities, by validating the courses, grades and credits.



IWCA High School students have the opportunity to earn dual credits by enrolling with God’s Bible School and College.  Dual credits classes are a great option for accelerating a student’s education.  They allow students to fulfill both high school and college credits with the same courses.  This saves time and money.