Financial Assistance


Imparting Wisdom Christian Academy is a faith-based institution and is not funded by the state.  We recognize that sometimes the cost of attendance is difficult for some families to afford.  

Families in full-time ministry should ask about our minister’s discount.  Families enrolling three or more children may also qualify for a tuition discount.

IWCA raises funds through donations and fundraisers to provide financial assistance, helping to bridge the gap between the cost of an IWCA education and what the family can afford to pay.  Scholarship funds are limited.  If funds are available, and the family meets the required financial criteria, most scholarship award amounts will range from 25% – 75% of the total cost of attendance, depending on individual need.

Scholarships are offered on a yearly basis and are based on continued demonstrated need and availability of funds.  Students must first follow the admissions procedures and be accepted for enrollment before any scholarship can be offered.  If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please follow the process below:

1.  Complete steps 1-6 of the Admissions Procedures.

2.  Upon acceptance, request an IWCA Scholarship Application Form.

3.  Complete and return the IWCA Scholarship Application Form along with all of the required documentation.

Your scholarship application will then be reviewed by the IWCA Scholarship Committee.  You will be notified of scholarship eligibility within two weeks of the review.

Affording Private Education

1.    Pray and seek God’s direction. Read your Bible. Learn what Scripture says about teaching and training children.  

2.    Make a financial plan for your family’s expenses.  Include the cost of private school attendance in your budget.  Use your budget to help establish your priorities. This may mean cutting some unnecessary expenses and tightening spending in some areas.  

3.    In what areas can you cut expenses?  Here are a few ideas:  reducing cable television/satellite services, choosing used/pre-owned instead of new items, driving a cheaper vehicle, less expensive vacations and trips, cancel subscriptions, make a grocery list in advance, buy generic/store brands, clip coupons, eat leftovers for lunch, research to find the best deals, etc…

4.    Brainstorm ways you could bring in additional income.  Here are some general ideas:  babysitting; pet sitting; clean out closets and have a yard sale; use any skills you already possess to offer freelance services in writing, photography, meal services, etc…

5.    Other options:  Ask family members to help cover a portion the tuition cost.  Talk with your pastor about having your church sponsor a scholarship for your child.  Set up a crowd-funding campaign.

6.    Talk with the admissions department of the school. Ask them about what types of financial assistance and scholarships they may have to offer.  Many schools have scholarships available for qualifying students.  Private schools, in many instances, offer pay in-full, pastor/evangelist family, and multi-student discounts.